SurvivorNet is a European Network for Adolescent and Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Providing a Means of Support, Communication and Information Sharing between Survivors’ and Professionals.

The logo of a hummingbird signifies strength and perseverance.

SurvivorNet was officially founded in September 2010 as part of PanCare (, a European network of professionals, survivors and their families established in October 2008 to ensure that every European Survivor of Childhood and Adolescent Cancer receives optimal long-term care. The need for a European support network for adult survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer was highlighted at the 4th PanCare meeting in Newcastle, October 2009 and the name ‘SurvivorNet’ was suggested at the 5th PanCare meeting in Paris, May 2010.

SurvivorNet’s purpose was further emphasised at the PanCare meeting in Mainz September 2010 following a review of existing web-based support; The range of support for childhood and adolescent cancer survivors was widely variable and sporadic with no standardisation. Many survivor groups implemented an age limit of around 24 years for those involved and there was no clear differentiation between a ‘Cancer Patient’ and ‘Cancer Survivor’.

There was not ONE single support network which brought together both survivors and professionals from across Europe to improve the long-term outcome of adult survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer (especially for those over the age of 25 years).

‘SurvivorNet’ was therefore created with the intention to benefit childhood and adolescent cancer survivors over 25 years, from across Europe and potentially internationally.

SurvivorNet aims to be the GOLD STANDARD in providing support for adult survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer, empowering survivors by providing access to a wide range of valuable resources and information sources through ONE comprehensive network.

We ultimately want to facilitate;
  • An accessible website and web-forum
  • Regular survivors’ meetings and conferences
  • Advice and information on education and employment
  • Advice about Life insurance and mortgage
  • Information on follow up care and late effects
  • Information on travel insurance
  • Advice regarding disability and healthy lifestyle
  • Promotion of formal mentorship programmes for childhood cancer survivors.
  • A platform for international collaboration, (ICCSN)